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I'm New

How do I get to Lakeside?

Our building is located at 33701 Jefferson Ave, in St. Clair Shores. We are located right on Jefferson between Masonic and Shook Road (Right about at 14 mile road, even though it doesn't go through.)

What is there for Kids?

Every Sunday our children from birth through 5th grade have their own programs to fit their needs. Our children's ministry space is located in its own wing next to the Auditorium, and is very easy to find once you enter the main doors.

All children workers are trained and screened for your safety. Our nursery for infants is well equipped, clean, and safe, as is our preschool play place.

The children Kindergarten through 5th grade have worship specifically for them and break out into grade specific small groups. You can check your child in prior to the worship service, and pick them up at the end with our safe and secure check-in system.

What should I expect when I visit?

First, you can expect to be with friends. Lakeside is full of people just like you! You can relax! You won't "stick out" as a "newbie", or find that you were "volunteered" to bake cookies for our next event. Instead you'll love the

What is my NEXT STEP?

After visiting Lakeside, we would love it if you let us know who you are!

Each week you have the opportunity to fill out a welcome card, and that helps us get to know you better. One of our goals is that everyone is involved in a Small Group as well. Simply stop by our Small Group booth on Sunday Morning and talk with a Small Group Pastor!

When you are ready, we love to get everyone involved as well. There is an area of ministry which you were specifically designed for, we want you to begin making an impact. Basically, we want to see everyone LiVING FOR GOD, LOViNG OTHERS, and REACHiNG THE WORLD.

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