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"Whatever It Takes!" is the attitude for ministry at Lakeside. Once you have an authentic relationship with Christ, and have the elements necessary for spiritual growth, you are going to be used by God in ministry. We want you involved in ministry as God has wired you. You are a 10 in some area, where other people may need leading! There is some ministry in this church you can do in which no one else could be as effective!

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Our worship team consists of our singers, band members, media techs, and sound techs. God has given some of us talents musically, and we choose to use those talents to help others bring glory to God.

First Impressions

This team helps make our Sunday Worship experience inviting and warm. They help with meeting people at the door, making sure everyone knows their way around, and they even help with the offering.

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Student Ministry

Lakeside's student ministry goal is to connect the middle school and high school aged students with adult leaders who love students. This team frequently goes on retreats and trips with students throughout the year as well.

Prayer Group
Much More...

Maybe you didn't see your fit yet. We have many more teams and ministry oportunities than listed above. If we don't have your specific ministry already, we would love to help you creat an Impact Team designed around the way God has gifted YOU!

Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry has wonderful volunteers who help run the worship experience for our children, teach them the Truth of God's Word, and simply love children. This team spans from nursery workers, to teachers, to registration workers, and more.

Small Groups

At Lakeside, we believe that everyone needs to be in a significant community relationship with other believers. We see our SMALL GROUPS as a primary means of experiencing that more intimate sense of "belonging." In these groups we learn from each other, study the Bible, support and pray for one another and have fun together.

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